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I think it would be quite interesting to understand how we came up with this project so you can see what is behind inTechBrew.

Xavier and I used to work a good few years in the United Kingdom. Xavier hold quite a few positions within Sellafield Ltd. during his career with a keen focus on identifying innovative technical solutions to support the operations undertaken across the Sellafield estate. Regarding myself, I started working at TÜV SÜD Nuclear Technologies in Warrington and supported many Sellafield projects related to innovation scouting for the future nuclear decommissioning activities.

Through our experience in the United Kingdom, we had the opportunity to get in touch with many innovative companies across Europe and North America that had developed technical solutions off the shelf able to answer many UK challenges. It gave us a unique chance to touch upon many subjects such as robotics, decontamination, characterisation, operations, radwaste strategies and so on.

Fast forward to today. Now, both of us decided to leave the UK and work as associates. Xavier from France and I from Spain (can’t say the weather had an impact on my decision to settle there …).

Day after day, we slowly started collaborating together on various nuclear projects, mostly related to innovation and business development, our core expertise. The more we would bring mainland European technologies to the UK, the more we would hear from Site Licensees and the British supply chain: “This is very interesting, don’t hesitate to bring us more next time !”. Soon, we would realise something that we already knew: There is an appetite from any domestic nuclear industry to know more about existing international technologies.

Hearing about technologies from outside our borders has two positive impacts:

  • SLC’s can identify existing COTS, safe, cost-efficient nuclear proven technologies. Money can be saved on designing a new technology that already exists elsewhere;
  • The supply chain can identify a foreign partner with a proven technology to have a competitive advantage when bidding on a project.

That’s why we decided to start inTechBrew. To give you access every two months to 7 COTS technologies demonstrated in a nuclear environment that answer existing challenges. As we are from the industries and from both sides (SLC’s and the supply chain), we know the challenges and we scout the foreign COTS technologies able to answer them.

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Independent associate focussed on business analysis and development in the nuclear industry. CEO, Master Brewer at inTechBrew

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