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Game Changers focus on innovation forum

Game Changer nuclear innovation

Game Changers is the UK’s leading nuclear innovation programme, helping identify solutions to some of the most complex challenges faced by the nuclear industry. Providing a platform that connects challenge owners and solution providers, Game Changers’ proven innovation process delivers results.

Now in its fifth year, Games Changers was set up originally by Sellafield Ltd in pursuit of best practice solutions to decommissioning challenges.

The programme, which to date has seen 40 challenges resulting in 120 projects funded to feasibility level, is delivered by innovation and commercialisation consultants from FIS360 Ltd and the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL).

FIS360 is headed up by Frank Allison, who helped establish Game Changers together with Paul Knight (NNL). Together, they are responsible for overall leadership of the programme. Frank is also currently expanding Game Changers across the nuclear industry, publishing challenges on behalf of NNL and Dounreay as well as Sellafield. Frank’s FIS360 team has expertise in engineering, science, project management, commercialisation, technology transfer, marketing and communication.

The Game Changers programme is open to anyone from any sector offering solutions to nuclear challenges including SMEs, universities, individuals, research organisations and large companies.

The Game Changers programme is a vital component to the Sellafield mission.

Sellafield Ltd technical manager, Andrew Cooney

One of the most recent Game Changers programme developments is the launch of the Innovation Forum designed to facilitate connections between innovative companies funded by Game Changers, organisations interested in supporting the development of new technology and potential technology users. 

This may include organisations with funding, facilities and expertise to aid innovation development and also organisations that are well placed to support the introduction of new technology into existing supply chains. 

The Forum will support the scaling and commercialisation of technology and nurture the development of relationships between Game Changers project partners and key stakeholders including nuclear supply chain companies, operators, Site Licence Companies, investors and collaborating partners.

Of the 120 innovations already funded, over 40 projects showed such developmental promise they have been awarded further funding to continue to the Proof of Concept stage.

These projects cover a huge range of highly specialised technology and are now looking for more customers, partners and collaborators to fulfil their worldwide commercial potential.

The Innovation Forum will match members based on what they have to offer, with the needs and wants of project innovators, facilitating meaningful introductions to new technologies and the people behind them. 

GC innovation forum nuclear

The Game Changers Innovation Forum is currently enrolling new members and we are specifically targeting potential users of new technology, investors and organisations who have something to offer that supports the commercialisation of technologies in the nuclear sector.

Some projects developed with Game Changers support

Repair and life extension of plant infrastructure

Rawwater Engineering Company, headed by Dr Robert Eden, has delivered a star Game Changers project. The company established a world-wide reputation with its pioneering use of bismuth metal alloy plugs to seal gas and oil wells on decommissioning. With Game Changers support, the technology has been adapted to offer highly innovative nuclear solutions for underwater crack repair, hole sealing and full encapsulation of complex shapes – technology that is now also being explored by Japanese energy giant TEPCO.

raw water nuclear innovation

Fraunhofer nuclear innovation

Remote detection of hydrogen using Raman spectroscopy

The Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics, through the Game Changers programme, has developed a system capable of remote hydrogen detection. The technique uses Raman spectroscopy which allows remote measurement of the concentration of hydrogen and the determination of range. It’s a stand-alone, all-optical system which makes measurements over extended range using only light and means hydrogen can be detected without placing operators or instruments in sensitive or hazardous areas.

Inspection and characterisation of nuclear facilities

Four companies who stepped up to an access challenge have been awarded Game Changers funding to develop engineering solutions to help Sellafield decommission cells containing a complex network of vessels and pipework.  Resolve Robotics, Eadon Consulting, FIRMA Engineering and RMS have designed and built prototype modular deployment systems which are capable of accessing cells through a standard 150mm access port.

Eadon nuclear innovation
Swiss nuclear innovation

Fast neutron technology

Swiss-based Arktis develops next generation systems that detect and identify radioactive and nuclear materials. The Game Changers backed WANDS project (Waste Assay Neutron Detection System) focuses on the prototype design for a mobile active neutron assay system for radioactive waste containers. 

Gamma Optical Video Imagery (GOVI)

Dr Sarah Bugby, lecturer in Physics at Loughborough University, leads the highly promising Game Changers project developing GOVI, technology originally devised for space applications and then medical imaging. GOVI combines optical and gamma imaging to produce real tine display of areas being remotely scanned

university nuclear innovation
Anyone who would like to know more about the Innovation Forum can register their interest on the Game Changers website Innovation Forum (
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