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Hi everyone, my name is Camille. I’m delighted to tell you that I will be an intern for the next six months at inTechBrew with Xavier and Axel. I definitely look forward to working on many exciting projects and to learn the most out of it. For a start, I’d like to introduce myself: I am a French engineering student that loves horses and black chocolate. Moreover, I also practice swimming and drawing in my free time. 

About my academics, I actually started studying nuclear engineering quite recently. When I was in high school, my goal was to become a researcher in mathematics. I attended a conference of Cédric Lavillenie – a famous mathematics researcher who was awarded the Fields medal –  and visited the Ecole Polytechnique, the most prestigious French engineering school. And folks, that’s how this dream started. Following high school, I joined Henri IV, a prestigious prep school for engineering.And this is when  I realised that theorical and complex subjects together didn’t suit me well. My backup plan was to become a teacher. Nevertheless I decided, for the best, to give a chance to engineering school as I was already in the system. 

I was accepted at IMT Nord Europe with a French civil servant status and had the best time in Douai between French fries and mine’s cottages. My status is the reason why I finally choose to study the nuclear industry. The prospect that seemed the most attractive to me as a civil servant is to become an inspector for ASN, the French nuclear regulator. So, I took all the classes in IMT Nord Europe related to this subject. To specialise in nuclear, I decided to do a student exchange. . After some unforeseen development, I ended up at IMT Atlantique, Axel’s former school. 

Once there, I was looking for an internship abroad with a link to the nuclear industry, which was not a piece of cake as it’s often on sensible projects. With the help of my class supervisor, Julie Champion, I met Axel who offered me that internship. I look forward to becoming a key asset of inTechBrew and discovering Barcelona and its wonderful culture. 

If you are developing a technology that has an application in the nuclear industry, don’t hesitate to contact us! I will also be delighted to get any recommendations you have about Barcelona.

Au plaisir,


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