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We combine 30 years of expertise, mostly from Sellafield to put forward a bimonthly newsletter. Innovation is at the heart of this newsletter to help our readers identify relevant technologies to enable their nuclear projets. Our audience is as international as the technologies featured.We believe the technologies we shortlisted can accelerate nuclear projects in a faster, more cost-efficient way whilst being aligned to the overall strategy.

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Previous newsletters on nuclear innovation

Latest issue published on July, 8th 2021 with a focus on 5 different European countries ranging through different subsections of the nuclear sector.

This month, the focus was on NDT inspection, gamma imaging but also monitoring through intelligent dosimetry systems and ROV's.

This issue is also putting on the spotlight the World Nuclear Exhibition as inTechBrew is sponsoring the WNE Awards in November / December 2021.

Published on May, 13th 2021 with six countries represented and a focus on decommissioning and on-site inspection applicable to operating facilities.

For this edition, the technologies brewed were mostly concentrated on getting data, knowing the unknown. But also, some very promising technologies on decontamination and data transfer in constrained environment.

As nuclear innovation advocates, we decided to feature the latest challenges and the project project of Game Changers, a programme scouting nuclear innovation to accelerate UK nuclear decommissioning.

Our first issue published on March, 11th 2021 was mostly presenting French technologies, except an AI tool from the UK.

Although we mostly focussed on one country, we put forward innovative products spanning from inspection at height, all the way to paperwork flow digitalisation.

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