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We promote your most promising technologies to accelerate nuclear projects

Promote your technologies

Our mission is to make sure decision makers from the nuclear industry hear about the broad range of COTS technologies able to solve their complex challenges. We aim to be the reference to promote technologies in the nuclear sector.
If your technologies have been used in a nuclear environment, contact us. If we believe your products can answer a specific nuclear challenges, we will feature them for free.

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Let's set up a meeting to see how we can feature your products. Some decision-makers might be looking for your technologies and we are here to make sure they find you
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We are the missing link

Having a direct access to decision-makers from the industry is hard, almost impossible when you are looking at international markets. With our international experience in the nuclear industry, we understand the struggle.
If we recognise that your innovative technologies can solve some on-going complex challenges in the nuclear sector, we will feature your product to be sure you maximise your audience and have a greater impact.

Capitalise on our network

Many of our subscribers are part of large nuclear sites looking for technical solutions

Anywhere, any time

Through our completely dematerialised newsletter, you can reach out to key stakeholders throughout the world

Exponential reach

We promote the technologies, not the companies. If you have more than one product, your technologies can be presented in different batches

Always available

Once featured, subscribers always have access to the presentation of your products

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Our innovation ecosystem is cross-countries and cross-industries, to help you maximise your audience
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