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Robotics and Decommissioning

Over the last few years, anyone involved in nuclear decommissioning have witnessed the progress robotics have made in this very specific field.  It is true that the scope for automation and robotics is vast in the rapidly expanding field of nuclear decommissioning.

To keep up with innovation, first in a line of upcoming online event of interest, DigiDecom2021 will start on the 23rd of March and with a particular focus on robotics and decommissioning.

DigiDecom2021 is a webinar that aims at bringing together a multidisciplinary international community for open and highly interactive exchanges. It will allow to share experience from earlier applications, as well as opportunities for future applications of innovative technologies and methods in nuclear decommissioning, dismantling and waste management.


As well as presentations from top players in the field, one great aspect of DigiDecom2021 is to leave space for discussion on innovation needs and possible solutions. Here, related to robotics applications in decommissioning, groups will cover themes such as:

– implementation barriers,

– safety and security requirements,

– digitalisation and robotics,

– economic benefit drivers for robotics applications in the nuclear.

The detailed program for DigiDecom2021 can be found here.

Virtual Horizon Scanning

Horizon scanning is now that little bit more challenging and keeping up with the game changing technologies that could benefit the nuclear sector is a little bit more complex. The best way to contribute is to participate. From insights into international innovation roadmap to details on on-going projects, DigiDecom2021 promises a varied 3 days to learn more about some of the latest innovation in nuclear decommissioning, dismantling and waste management.

Now only a week away, inTechBrew is very happy to collaborate with DigiDecom2021, a great opportunity to catch up on the latest trends. If you haven’t done already, don’t forget to register here.

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