Welcome Atharva !

The inTechBrew team is growing ! After having Lukas last summer, today we welcome Atharva who will be spending the next six months with us.

Today, we give the mic to Atharva so he can introduce himself.



My name is Atharva ABHANGE. I come from India and I am a postgraduate student at Grenoble Ecole de Management. I am studying innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and I’m fascinated by materials science and physics. Business strategy, technology management, and energy management, to name a few, are among my areas of interest, with an emphasis on ecological and economy. During my B.Tech, I was interested a lot in developing innovative methods for improving the efficiency of energy systems and my final year research project was also related to this topic called ‘Solar parabolic disc energy collection system’ in which we took the application of nanotechnology to improve the efficiency of our disc. 

My working experience includes working in an IT company at Tata Consultancy Services, Paris which was focused in carving the company’s roadmap towards a responsible corporate house across it’s entire value chain and making them more resilient to the changing conditions. I also had the task of implementing the 17 United Nations sustainability development goals in TCS France offices which includes a variety of topics from cleaner energy and environment. I also have several international publications to my credit relating to these subjects and also relating to the challenges the world is facing today.

My research papers on Nanotechnology have been published at:

– International Journal of Applied Nanotechnology – Journal Pub – Machine Tools World (Divya Publications)
– Automotive – IQ, Berlin (December 2018 Issue)

During the previous year, I had the incredible opportunity to work at Squadrone Systems, a drone-related start-up in Grenoble, where we developed an inventory management system employing drones as part of Industry 4.0 digitisation. I also learned about the current extent and status of digitisation and the industry 4.0 automation process for European companies by interviewing customers. We needed to discover new clients for our drones, and my data science knowledge from my “Post Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics” from IIT Madras, as well as my experience with the Bombay Stock Exchange, came in handy.

I have attended professional certifications in “Automobile Engineering, Engine Emissions” and “Advanced Material Failure Analysis” at Automotive Research Association of India. In 2018, I completed summer internship at Laserline GmbH located at Mulheim Karlich in Germany on diode lasers for using for purposes like steel welding and a variety of other machining processes where I supported in the sales department in developing various applications of these diode lasers for their customers.

Furthermore, I have filed a copyright on the unique notion of “Nano-Orbit,” which is featured in my Nanotechnology article. Through frugal innovations, I will continue to make attempts to bring technology closer to the needs of people.”


Independent associate focussed on business analysis and development in the nuclear industry. CEO, Master Brewer at inTechBrew

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