University of Texas nuclear innovation

Welcome to Lukas, our latest addition to inTechBrew

Today, we are giving the opportunity to Lukas to introduce himself. He will be supporting inTechBrew’s activities this summer, as part of studies at University of Texas.

Lukas nuclear innovation
Lukas, ready to bring forward innovation in the nuclear sector

Hello, I would like to introduce myself as the newest member of inTechBrew. I am Lukas Brazdeikis, and I am starting here as an intern. I come from both Texas in the United States and Sweden. At the University of Texas at Austin, I am studying computational physics. Furthermore, I have two minors – one in entrepreneurship and one in business. Outside of the school year, I visit Sweden (as the summers are very lovely).

My background is heavily focused on entrepreneurship, physics, and web development. My most notable experience involves working on the business/marketing side for a small Austrian fintech startup called Coinpanion. I helped them find out ways to tune their product to satisfy customer desires. In the end, I helped them gain a sizeable seed investment. Outside of Coinpanion, I have had some fun developing web games through JavaScript and HTML.

University of Texas nuclear innovation
University of Texas

My experience is not very centered around one area. I am very passionate about programming and problem-solving. I am also quite interested in new technologies and their applications. At inTechBrew, I found an opportunity to combine my passions and my physics background. My role is to help modernize the task of innovation search. Some of the COTS technologies we find come from events such as conferences and word of mouth. However, some come from web research. I am tasked with developing a program to aid our search of COTS technologies from the web.

As a result, we will have a larger pool of COTS innovations to choose from for each newsletter. We will also be able to find more “hidden gems” than previously. At the end of my role here, you can expect even better monthly newsletters.


Independent associate focussed on business analysis and development in the nuclear industry. CEO, Master Brewer at inTechBrew

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