Why inTechBrew?

What is inTechBrew?

Well, inTechBrew (ITB for short) is an innovation-focused platform for the nuclear sector.

What is it for? 

Well, thanks for asking. Here everything we need to know about inTechBrew.

What is our main mission?

ITB is here to connect industrial challenges in the nuclear sector to solutions. We aim for the industry to move forward faster and avoid reinventing the wheel. Yes, the challenges the industry is facing are similar from one site to the other, from one facility to the next. But sharing details of those challenges or solutions is rarely on the menu. 

To a very large extend, the challenges the industry is facing are similar from one site to the other, from one facility to the next. For maintenance, operations, decommissioning, waste management…, the nuclear sector needs new technologies to ensure work is completed faster, safer and cheaper that it was just a few years ago. 

New technologies and solutions are hence been created all around the world and ITB is here to make these solutions more visible. That said, we don’t just catalogue solutions. We give you access to information and insights you will likely not see anywhere else. Our team of independent expert handpicks only the best innovation from the international scene, from characterisation to decontamination, from AI to robotics…

Why should you trust ITB?

With more than 30 years of cumulated experience in the nuclear sector, the ITB team has seen challenges first hand, they understand the constraints, the requirements, the complexity of the business on and off-site. Prior to ITB, we were the end users, managing R&D, transferring innovation to site and we also know how empty the toolbox can be at times.

Therefore, we only select solutions that are innovative, mature and (often) proven in a nuclear environment. We also put forward COTS solutions ready we believe are ready to be transferred to the nuclear sector when they are worth considering.

Importantly, we also tend to focus on solutions provided by small SMEs (more than 80% of the solutions showcased by ITB comes from SMEs) so that they do gain the visibility they ought to have.

For every issue of ITB, we analyse a large number of challenges, solutions and use cases. For every issue of ITB, we only showcase the best-in-class with articles full of details and insights. 

Overall, our expertise and the very high standards we require for ITB mean that ITB is now trusted by major companies as part of their innovation strategy. But it is not all, ITB also add values in other ways.

What else?

Yes, ITB is offering a detailed view on state-of-the-art innovation from across the globe. It also communicates about the industry challenges and showcases solutions to solve these challenges without the need to re-inventing the wheel. Whether you are a SLCs, SMEs or even micro-companies, ITB can support your business: 

  • We want to help reduce the cost of development of new solutions by giving precious hints that someone, somewhere, had to go through similar considerations and developed a solution, potentially ready to be transferred to your specific setting. We believe that this will help the industry becoming a leaner, more efficient, ecosystem. That’s why we scout the globe and showcase these solutions in great details so that our subscribers can have a full set of information in one single shoot.
  • We aim to fill the gap as small companies/tech providers do not advertise and their tech is hence not as visible as it could. We want to connect industry challenges to existing solutions from across the globe.
  • We want you to hear about the latest solutions to reach the shelves so you can provide technology intelligence to your company, your team or your customer. We only talk about the solutions we believe can make a difference and are not stuck to a single thematic. When a little-known solution is worth talking about, you will find it in ITB.
  • . No advertisement, no distraction.
  • We also aim to bring new people to understand the nuclear sector. With information on challenges and user cases, ITB can be a great way to raise awareness about the interest of the nuclear sector. With ITB, SMEs with an interest for the nuclear industry or students of a nuclear science and engineering program can broaden their understanding of the nuclear industry.
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So here you have it. ITB, with its growing number of subscribers, issues a new batch of 5 technologies 6 times a year. With only the best-in-class from the international scene and the right amount of details so you can make an informed decision on the spot. Moreover, whatever the size of your company, ITB has a bespoke and very reasonable subscription package for you: signing up to access all new and previous issues of ITB is only a fraction of the cost of a single market review. Don’t miss out !


Independent associate with a wide experience in the nuclear decommissioning industry. CEO, Master brewer at inTechBrew

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