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We are different. We work internationally and independently, breaking the model and going over site’s fences to put the spotlight on technologies that are not visible from the outside.

On our platform, we feature a collection of curated nuclear game changing technologies. With inTechBrew, you have the most important information to make a decision in less than 2 minutes and strengthen your business case.
Book a call to know more A short introduction on the
technology vendor to know who you will be dealing with
See an example All featured technologies are answering a specific challenge from the nuclear industry Use cases in industrial environment are presented with the name of the site and added value Key technical information are provided to understand if the technology can match your site's requirements We are not middlemen. If a technology interests you, you can reach out to them directly For each technology, we put forward photos and videos of the technology and its use cases

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nuclear jump suit

Simple, clear and efficient

Nuclear decommissioning across the world shares the same technical challenges. Each sites operators do develop solutions for these complex nuclear challenges. inTechBrew offers visibility to these new technologies and start-ups that are about or have already been successful in deploying their solutions on a nuclear site. Our strength is to put the word out so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel if a solution already exists.

We are nuclear experts

We combine more than 30 years of international experience in the nuclear decommissioning industry. We understand what are your challenges because we faced them.

Through our newsletters, we handpick cross-countries COTS solutions that can accelerate nuclear projects whilst being safer, more cost-efficient and also aligned to the overall strategies.

We have experience in technology scouting for the nuclear industry and we know how hard it is to identify COTS solutions outside the industry and your country.

Our mission is to bring you a curated list of technologies on one platform that could be game changers.

Always updated on nuclear innovations

industrial robot

Innovative solutions for industrial remote operations

rad drums

COTS technologies to understand the contamination levels and radiological parameters enabling safer operations


From environmental to nuclear characterisation to lower project assumptions


From virtual reality to additive manufacturing to reduce costs

Deep tech

Technologies leveraging AI and machine learning

nuclear robot A platform bringing you
cross-countries innovations to accelerate nuclear projects
Curated technologies for decommissioning, dismantling, radwaste management, maintenance & operations and new build

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