Webinars on nuclear innovations

In-situ, live, Special Nuclear Material detection / June 2022


In some situations, assessing the content of special materials in a nuclear environment or security environment is essential. Most existing technologies are slow and off situ. CAEN SyS with their SNIPER-GN sensors is able to bring certainty is complex situations where a security threat might arise.

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The power of AI to improve NPP productivity / September 2022

Blue Wave AI Labs

Plant reloading is always a difficult task between fuel optimisation and multi-physical parameters within the core. There are known issues for Boiling Water Reactors. Blue Wave AI Labs has been at the forefront of applying AI to commercial nuclear reactors.

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Using muon to perform characterisation / June 2022

Lynkeos Technology Ltd.

Characterisation of waste that are enclosed in shielded boxes can be difficult, especially if the requirement is to be non-destructive testing. At Lynkeos Technology, they have developed a technology using muons to precisely characterise the content of those boxes !

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Are you a subscriber and you would wish to see a webinar on a specific nuclear innovation? Let us know! We would be more than happy to talk to a tech vendor about organising a webinar. Are you a tech vendor and you would like to have a webinar on your technology? Get in touch with us, we can do wonders when it comes to promoting nuclear innovations.

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