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About us

Our mission is to connect industry challenges in the nuclear sector to existing solutions. It is not only offering SMEs and SLCs a view on state-of-the-art technologies from across the globe, it also communicates about the industry challenges and can give a starting point to solve challenges without re-inventing the wheel.

inTechBrew is innovation-focused but not limited to a single thematic. Every issue covers a large variety of themes. From characterisation to decontamination, from AI to robotics, we only select state-of-the-art technologies we believe can fast-track projects and help the industry move forward.

Our expertise, acquired by decades spent on and off sites, searching for solutions to the toughest challenges, deploying technologies in some of the most challenging environments and developing new solutions to replenish our toolbox of options. The team at inTechBrew has been through the pain and understand the scenarios and the constraints. We are independent and trust the expertise of our team. We don’t catalogue technologies; we handpick for the international scene.

The nuclear industry has indeed evolved in a similar manner in most places, reaching maturity through different generations. To a large extend, the challenges the industry is facing are similar from one site to the other, from one facility to the next. We, at inTechBrew, want to help reduce the cost of development of new solutions by giving precious hints that someone, somewhere, had to go through similar considerations and developed a solution, potentially ready to be transferred to another nuclear setting. That’s why we scout the globe and showcase these technologies in great details so that our subscribers can have a full set of information in one single shoot.

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