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DEM 2021, the international conference on nuclear decommissioning

Don’t miss out on DEM 2021, the next international nuclear decommissioning event by registering here !

Any country with nuclear facilities must face at some point the decommissioning and dismantling – D&D – of their installations. Decommissioning nuclear sites comes with its share of challenges which can be technical, political or commercial.

With an ever-increasing number of decommissioning projects across the world, sharing good practices and learning from experience between site licensees, operators as well as solution providers from different countries is essential to achieve safer and faster means of decommissioning. Organised by SFEN, DEM 2021, one of the most prestigious international conferences focussing on this topic. It is a unique opportunity to follow and understand the trends of all aspects of nuclear decommissioning with insights from renowned international experts.

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Source: Photo by Mick Truyts on Unsplash


Gathering more than 3,600 nuclear professionals, SFEN – French Society for Nuclear Energy – is the French think-tank focussing on developing technical and scientific knowledge on nuclear energy.

Created in 1973, it has been since a key player in the international landscape, trying to bring a scientific point of view on where nuclear should be in our society.

Apart from publishing the RGN journal – Revue Générale du Nucléaire -, SFEN has been organising different technical working groups but also conferences.

In addition to DEM 2021, SFEN holds the following major events:

  • NPC 2021: International Conference on Plant Chemistry;
  • GLOBAL 2022: Sustainable Energy Beyond the Pandemic;
  • NUWCEM 2022: International Symposium on Cement-based Materials for Nuclear Waste;
  • Fontevraud 10: International Symposium on Contribution of Materials Investigations and Operating Experience to LWRs’ Safety, Performance and Reliability.

SFEN lists all their major events on their website by following this link.

Why we should all attend DEM 2021

Through the course of the conference – 13th to 15th of September 2021 – all the key aspects of decommissioning will be covered by international experts in their fields.

Talks on the upfront side of a decommissioning project will be discussed:

  • High level dismantling strategy and program development by Estelle Desroches from EDF;
  • Regulatory evolutions by Sidonie Royer-Maucotel from CEA;
  • Stakeholders Involvements and Public Acceptance by Thierry Taponard from EDF;
  • Economic and financial aspects of dismantling operations by Philippe Derycke from Orano.

Then, DEM 2021 will deep dive on essential subjects when it comes to D&D activities:

  • Initial radiological characterisation by Danielle Roudil from CEA;
  • Material and radioactive waste management by Frédéric Legée from Andra.

Finally, it will touch upon some transverse but extremely interesting topics:

  • Development of new D&D’s technologies  by Michel Pieraccini from EDF and Jean-Luc Fournié from Framatome;
  • Buildings and sites rehabilitation by Grégoire Augé from ONET;
  • Digital tools applied to D&D by Jean-Christophe Casteigts from EDF and Cyril Moitrier from CEA;
  • Decommissioning of damaged nuclear facilities by Christine Georges from CEA.
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A gorgeous venue for an exciting event ! (Credit: J-M Rosier)

As you can see, it will be a packed three-day event ! And if you think that’s not enough, SFEN will be also organising right after, a two-day event focussing on circular economy in the context of decommissioning and waste management !

As inTechBrew, we will definitely be there as we love innovation in the D&D. The question is, will you be there?

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