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You will find here answers to the most commonly asked questions we got. If you don't find your answer please get in touch with us!

How much does it cost?

To access the full content of the ecosystem, the starting price is €200 / year.

All the information are available here

Where can I access my invoices?

You can access them through your account located at the bottom of the webpage. Alternatively, you can click here.

Once you are in your account area, you can find all your invoices under the Orders tab.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account located at the bottom of the webpage. Alternatively, you can click here.

Once you are in your account area, you can cancel your subscription under the Subscription tab.

Do you do scouting for specific companies?

Apart from inTechBrew, our staff also do specific projects if requested. 

If you need some support, do not hesitate to reach out to us in the contact page.

Can I pay in another currency than Euros?

Yes, you can! We show our price in Euros because we are based in the EU. During the payment, our gateway-partner (Stripe) will automatically convert Euros to your local currency.

How are you using my data?

As we are based in the EU, we are GDPR compliant.

Your email address is used to send you the newsletter and rest of the information are used for billing purpose.

You can find all the details on our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy page.

If you have any additional question, please contact our GDPR officer through our contact page.


Do you have a referral link?

At the moment, all the referral links / discount codes are offered to our key accounts to grant workforce access to inTechBrew. If you are not sure that your company has access to inTechBrew, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Who are you?

We are nuclear experts, cumulating more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We occupied positions in the entire nuclear cycle, through operations&maintenance, decommissioning and waste management. 

We had the opportunity to work for Site Licensees and the supply chain.

In terms of location, we worked in South Africa, France, Canada, the UK and Spain

Are you hiring?

Usually, we don't disclose our job offers on the website. However, you can contact us, we might have something for you !

Typically, we look for people with a background in the industry, underdogs with a strong interest about innovations and cross-industry projects

I'm new to the industry, where should I go to learn more about it?

Welcome to the nuclear industry ! The website to go to is the World Nuclear Association. They have tons of ressources free of access !

How do I know the collection of technologies has been updated?

You will receive every two months our newsletter directly to your email box. Keep in mind that we produce an electronic newsletter. For some technologies, you can have a hard copy by clicking on the PDF button when consulting an article and then select the print option in your PDF reader.

Are you only featuring COTS technologies?

We strive to present technologies that have been tested in an industrial nuclear environment. However, if your technology has a potential for a high impact and has a high TRL (7 or above), we might feature it with specific conditions (e.g. active trials in the next few months).

Can I share my access to the online platform with my colleagues?

You can print the articles and share the hard copies with your colleagues. Our aim is to generate ideas and show to as many people as possible that there are COTS innovations to answer their needs. 

However, our Terms Of Services specifically exclude login/password sharing. If caught, you will be banned from our services. Other actions might be taken.

Alternatively, we offer packages for corporation, giving access to different customers for a reduced price.

If you think additional information should be added to our FAQ, don’t hesitate to let us know ! Our FAQ is also a work in progress, don’t hesitate to go there frequently as new information might be added !

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