Game Changers storage silo challenges

Last time, we introduce you to Game Changers and its new Innovation Forum. Today, we are focussing on their new technical challenge coming straight from Sellafield Ltd.

The latest Game Changers challenges launched in the continuous quest for decommissioning solutions focus on leak prevention and minimisation and leaking crack identification and condition monitoring in the Magnox Swarf Storage Silos (MSSS) at Sellafield Ltd, UK.

MSSS nuclear innovation sellafield

An interactive workshop on Tuesday, May 25, will detail the challenges and funding available through Game Changers. Sellafield are seeking ideas, innovations and technologies capable of game changing solutions to prevent or minimise leaks from MSSS. Current leak rates are around 1.5 – 2.5 m3/d and Sellafield want to reduce these as much as possible.

What is MSSS

The concrete silos, built in three stages between 1962-1982, contain magnesium cladding, or swarf, stripped from Magnox fuel prior to reprocessing. The swarf is stored underwater in the silos but, over time, the stored contents corrode, releasing heat and hydrogen. This means the facility requires constant management and monitoring. 

What are the challenges

Alongside leak prevention solutions, Sellafield seek innovative technologies that will identify leaks and cracks in ageing, liquor-retaining structures. Current monitoring techniques detect movement and general condition of the structure but cannot detect and identify the precise location of the cracks.

Sellafield has experience in managing buildings and understands the durability of aging structures. Known cracks are small and stable and not a structural concern. They may only need monitoring and not repair. But some cracks have the potential to change and may leak if they are through-thickness cracks.

In answer to both challenges, Sellafield needs speedy proof of concepts capable of deployment in a real environment. The challenges are open to applicants from any sector including oil and gas industries, mineral mining, chemicals and water.

What are the next steps

If you are interested, further challenge details and webinar workshop registration are available on the Game Changers website at:

The webinar agenda will include solution constraints and functional requirements as well as funding opportunities.

If you think you have the answer with your technology, register straight away to the webinar on May, 25. Otherwise, you still can put forward your technology in our next newsletter.


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