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Innovation within the nuclear decommissioning scene: DigiDecom2021

inTechBrew told you about DigiDecom 2021 to keep up with innovation within the nuclear decommissioning scene. Now only a few weeks away, inTechBrew wanted to have a closer look at what this has to offer.

With the changes we are all going through at the moment with the ongoing pandemic, it is true that one can wonder what those new events will offer. But what better time to talk about digital transformation and the future landscape of decommissioning than now as we do have more time to reflect on the change needed?

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Great opportunity

From the 23rd to the 25th of March, DigiDecom2021 will offer to maximise discussions through the digital medium. So, as well as following a series of interesting presentations on innovative applications, attendees will also be able to contribute to the international innovation roadmapby sharing their views on innovation, learn from completed or on-going projects and also explore future decommissioning projects through special session organised by DigiDecom. Virtual rooms will be setup so you will still be able to chat and connect the dots, facilitate partnerships. The DigiDecom2021 themes are as follow:

–          Innovation needs, solutions and initiatives,

–          Digital transformation of decommissioning and waste management,

–          Digitalisation, robotics and remote systems in decommissioning.

I have to say, looking at the DigiDecom2021 and their program on innovation within the nuclear decommissioning scene, I am really looking forward to “virtually” meet up with all those guys and connect. I think I might be suffering a bit from cabin fever and this conference is a bit like the best socialising event I had the chance to attend for months.

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So, although we might all suffer the frustration of some “internet lag” (not all of us have access to the glorious optical fiber bandwidth), I am sure we will be able to capitalise on discussions with a bit of discipline from the attendees. 

inTechBrew is collaborating with DigiDecom2021. With inTechBrew, you will have a monthly horizon scanning directly to your email box. Why not join us now?


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