Horizon Scanning for the nuclear sector

A lot of you will certainly be frustrated by the current limitations imposed by the Covid pandemic. This is one of the reasons we created inTechBrew, so innovation can still flow across borders and benefit the nuclear sector by offering cost-efficient technologies to somehow help cancel the slow-down due to the pandemic. Is there anything else to help horizon scanning for the nuclear sector?

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inTechBrew. What else?

It is true that the usual activities such as attending conferences and exhibitions have been stripped down to near non-existence. Recent meetings such as WNE2020 or the NDA Supply Chain event have been cancelled  or “postponed” and this is not the only events having a gap-year due to the Covid outbreak.

Horizon scanning is now that little bit more challenging and keeping up with the game-changing technologies that could benefit the nuclear sector is a little bit more complex. Now, the situation endures and we do need to adapt to our new world. In that sense, digital sharing is now the way forward and, just like inTechBrew can help with your horizon scanning, other means exist to help keep an eye on innovation.

Keep up with innovation in nuclear

It is true that some themes are difficult to treat digitally but there are some online events of interest coming up our way. One such event has made the choice of focusing on themes that do align perfectly with the online media.

DigiDecom 2021 will be solely digital, focusing on innovation within nuclear decommissioning. This interesting event will run a programme where digital transformation, robotics, and other trends in nuclear decommissioning, dismantling and waste management will take centre stage.

One of the webinar’s aims is to contribute to the international innovation roadmap by bringing together a multidisciplinary international community to exchange and share innovative technologies and methods in nuclear decommissioning, dismantling, and waste management.

At inTechBrew, we think this is a great opportunity to bring together the companies and people with an interest in facilitating innovative applications and partnerships. For three days, from the 23rd of March 2021, you will be able to learn more about some of the latest innovations in nuclear decommissioning, dismantling, and waste management. The draft agenda is already looking promising and all the details can be found online on the DigiDecom 2021 website.

How is your horizon scanning during Covid time? If you subscribe to inTechBrew, you will have a monthly horizon scanning directly to your email box. Why not joining us now?


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