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Why are we different?

As the latest kid on the block, you could wonder why we are different. I mean, you already know many other newsletters in the nuclear industry such as the World Nuclear News just to name one or if you want to follow the latest innovations in the nuclear industry, you could follow the NDA LinkedIn page.

With Xavier, we took the decision to curate innovative off the shelf technologies with a track-record in a nuclear environment.

Let’s have a look at what makes us different by using the teaser provided on Isymap and their wireless technology.

The company

Isymap nuclear innovations
A quick presentation about the company

First of all, we present you the company. Nothing too lengthy but at least enough meat to help you understand if the company has a background in the sector and from which country it operates. Who knows, they might actually be part of the supply chain of your site and you’ve never heard them of !

The presentation gives you a glimpse as well on whether they have a single product or have a suit of solutions that could benefit your site or your customers more widely. Understanding their expertise can also back your business case in case you are considering purchasing the innovative technology put forward.

Usually in a newsletter, we only feature the products, not the company. In the situation a company has different innovative technologies for the nuclear industry, you will see them in different issues of inTechBrew.

The challenge

A glimpse of your challenge

This is not Craiglist here, mate ! We value our independence and only feature technologies that answer immediate technical challenges. With our experience in the nuclear and more precisely, the nuclear decommissioning industry, we know what we are facing on site. Our approach is not to spam your mailbox but only to identify relevant technologies that can be deployed immediately.

That’s why we always link a COTS technology to a specific nuclear challenge. If it is exactly your challenge, that’s perfect, you pick the technology and you deploy it. If not, reading the challenge and looking at the technology might give you some ideas and you could link the featured product to another challenge that you’re facing.

User case

nuclear use case
An example of a deployment in Chinon site

I think we are all too familiar with identifying the perfect conventional technology that cannot be deployed immediately in a nuclear environment: building the safety case, running the inactive / active trials, setting up the procedure without any OPEX, etc.

This is exactly what we want to avoid here. We only pick COTS technologies demonstrated in a nuclear environmental or in an active trial.

We feature photos, videos (when possible) and a text to give you a sense of where it has used. As you can imagine, we cannot go too much into the details due to security reason. But at least, you know it has been used in a nuclear environment and that the manufacturer can support you in underpinning the safety case.

Technology description

Isymap nuclear technologies
An extract of Isymap’s technology

Now it gets interesting! We do a deep dive in the technology, giving enough technical details whilst being high level enough to allow most of us to understand what we are talking about.

This is the last step to convince you how this technology could perfectly answer your nuclear challenge. Usually, we write an A4 page for this section. We believe it gives you enough information to get a good understanding and to make you want to get in touch with the company.

Contact details

You can now reach out to Isymap !

Some people call us the nuclear Robin Hood, simply because we don’t charge the featured companies. We simply don’t charge them because we are not distributors. We feature technologies that we believe in. So after reading an article, if you like the technology, you can reach out to them directly as you have their contact details.

Last but not least. If you want to show an interesting tech that you found in our newsletter to your colleagues, we also have a pdf version of the article. You can just print it out and bring it to a meeting !

I hope you now understand our key differentiators. So why not subscribe now to inTechBrew ? Our first issue is coming in 3 weeks !


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