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NOVO produces light and portable radiographic inspection systems. The ruggedness and reliability of their tools allow for field inspection giving results acquired within seconds and immediately available for analysis.
Based in Israel, NOVO has developed a range of state-of-the-art solutions for NDT inspections.

The small footprint and unique features of their portable solutions is taking portable digital radiography to the highest level possible, offering highly detailed X-ray images giving you access to clear information on a variety of scenarios that could be related to wall thickness inspection, pipe corrosion, detection of typical weld defects and more.
At inTechBrew, we think that the intuitive and easy to use portable digital radiography systems from NOVO can provide a complete solution for grabbing radiographic images in the most demanding environments and be an answer to some of the complex inspection or monitoring challenges encountered in the nuclear sector.

Is this your challenge?

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There are a variety of inspection requirements on a nuclear site. The complex operations undertaken as part of the nuclear process, decommissioning or waste monitoring often requires to gather information on sometimes inaccessible parts of a plant or process. However, acquiring precise data without having access, e.g., from within a pipe or a container, can be difficult to achieve.

Gathering information to ascertain maintenance regime or decommissioning strategy is vital and it is often the case that assumptions might be based on historical or modelled behaviour. Some inspection technologies could help ascertain the status of valves, welds, locate corrosion of pipes or may be even inform on the content of waste containers and any other asset. Wouldn’t you want to sometimes be able to see-through things to ascertain a way forward, fast-track a project and save resources?

Introducing Novo’s portable digital radiography


NOVO offers a wide variety of systems suitable for various NDT applications. The systems are easy to carry and deploy, battery operated, either fully wireless or wired and are simple to operate for spot analysis in the field as well as in a laboratory setup.

Unique DDAs (Detectors) with much higher detection sensitivity (compared to film and CR), allow for shorter exposure times and lower dose usage. NOVO’s systems are designed to operate safely with isotopes (e.g., Iridium-192, Selenium-75) even at a very low activity level, therefore reducing dose and increasing safety.

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NOVO DR systems are the lightest and most durable of its kind and offers unique capacities, giving accurate identification and measurement of rebars, conduits, cables, voids, pipes, pressure vessel, structural welds, valves and can detect defects such porosity, cracks, inclusions, corrosion, erosion and much more, with the potential to better understand contained features.

The powerful software features as well as state of the art 16bit detectors, innovative electronics and accessories, enable the system to be utilised to its fullest potential while producing the highest image quality available on the market.

User case (Oil&Gas)

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CHEVRON – Ashdod Onshore Terminal – Israel

Radiographic inspection – wall thickness and signs of corrosion – Gas heaters and insulated Pipes.

  • On the spot results: allows repairing or removing a defective part or repair without wasting time,
  • Short exposure times: increased safety,
  • Immediate imaging: increased efficiency and cost savings,
  • One Touch Image enhancement: incredible details revealed.
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The technology

  • Highest Image Quality: 16-bit Latest Generation, State of the art Digital Radiography Detectors that produce, with a touch of a finger, exceptional high quality images with incredible detail.
  • Reduced dose: Operate safely with isotopes (e.g., Iridium-192, Selenium-75) even at a very low activity level, therefore reducing dose, increasing safety.
  • Cutting Edge Detectors: Thinnest and lightest on the market, most durable, drop tested, built-in shielding for maximum life span.
  • Portability: Rugged case or backpack.
  • Unmatched communication range: Wired (up to 300m) & wireless communication (up to 500m).
  • Built-in Battery Operation: Over 16 hours.
  • Touch software: Simple user friendly touch interface with One Touch Genie enhancement feature.
  • Stitching feature: Stitch multiple images into
    one large image automatically.
  • Basic Spatial Resolution (SRb) feature: Automatic Basic Spatial Resolution tool.
  • Multi location control: allows for multiple tablets or laptops to control the system.
  • NOVO 12HRN Detector: 173mm x 229mm
    (6.8″ x 9″).
    NOVO 15WN Detector: 231mm x 284mm
    (9.1″ x 11.2″).
    NOVO 22WN Detector: 356mm x 427mm (14” x 16.8″)
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Any questions ? Interested in another Xray system ? Do not hesitate to contact us directly, we will help you find a fit-for-purpose, cost-efficient solution to your challenge.

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