February 2022

Battery free, wireless internal corrosion monitoring Is this your challenge? Internal corrosion in pipework and vessels is a major problem for any asset operator. It poses a serious risk to safety and can result in serious damage as well as financial losses associated with downtime. Thickness data helps the operator to assess the condition of […]

Robotic & dustless scabbling for most surfaces Is this your challenge? Nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities and waste repositories often present areas that preclude human access Decontamination is a key decommissioning activity. It is used to accomplish several goals, such as reducing the dose level impact in a facility to allow for easier acces

Is this your challenge ? Many tools for measuring radioactivity are now available on the market, particularly for detecting gamma radiations. These tools are widely implemented on nuclear decommissioning sites, reprocessing facilities or waste repositories. During nuclear decommissioning or waste management operations, there is a need for imaging the contami

Is this your challenge ? Nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities and waste repositories all face a common challenge: processing liquid effluent generated from operations. Some of these liquid effluents have  a strong toxicity that can be damaging to the environment. Treating liquid effluent is a difficult task as some of these by-products have been st

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