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Radiometric Drone in Complex GPS Denied Environments Is this your challenge? Visual inspections for the nuclear sector are often conducted manually by an inspector scrutinising the entirety of an asset. Sometimes crawling robots may be used to automate the process. However, these robots are limited in their ability to access different environments (at height

Is this your challenge ? Anyone with a background in nuclear should know that maintenance or decommissioning can be very demanding. Some operations cannot yet be automatised: they can be too challenging and complex to apprehend because of the unpredictable bias they carry.Take for instance, scabbling, grinding, deburring or decontaminating. All dealing with

Is this your challenge ? When it comes to inspection or maintenance, complex industry such as nuclear still relies a lot on human presence. That said, in the past few years, to plan for the upcoming workforce shortage as well as offering new options to safely assess constrained environments, robotic solutions have more and more […]

Is this your challenge ? The inspection of confined spaces is a typical issue within the nuclear energy sector. This type of inspection can be dangerous for operators who carry it out and can also demand a period of downtime, therefore increasing costs. Inspections need to be safe, especially when it comes to complex structure […]

Is this your challenge ? Methods of inspection in industrial systems and industrial states have been evolving over the last few years. New capabilities such as drones have been introduced and are slowly but surely revolutionising the way we traditionally ran inspections. As decommissioning and new build activities are to accelerate, the UAV toolkit keeps [&h

Is this your challenge ? Today, a growing army of robots is at our disposal with the pledge to help with everything we can think about. Some of these solutions can be purely for show, some can make a real difference in the way we work and keep humans out of harm’s way. They come […]

Is this your challenge ? Confined and hazardous environments exist in many industries, including the nuclear sector where maintenance, inspection and repair are some of the most important services with scenarios such as the maintenance of aged objects that can be especially challenging and expensive. In the field of industrial inspection, checking the condit

Robotic & dustless scabbling for most surfaces Is this your challenge? Nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities and waste repositories often present areas that preclude human access Decontamination is a key decommissioning activity. It is used to accomplish several goals, such as reducing the dose level impact in a facility to allow for easier acces

Is this your challenge ? Nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities and waste repositories often present areas that preclude human access or operations that are repetitive or time-consuming. Traditional survey methods do have limitations in these environments and optimising resources can be difficult. Finding better ways to monitor plant conditions, impro

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