November 2023

New heights for 3D reality capture Is this your challenge? How to get to new heights when it comes to gathering BIM data quickly and safely? Often, industrial sites can be complex and present intricate geometry. To get that bird’s eye view, some will do it the hard way, deploy from multiple points, run multiple […]

Wide-Range, no warm up dose-rate monitoring Is this your challenge? Providing health physics and radiation protection services tools that are accurate, simple to operate and quick to setup is essential. Dose-rate monitoring is no exception. Across day-to-day operations within the nuclear industry, police, fire and first responders in hazardous materials inci

Gamma Imaging Solution with Neutron Detection Is this your challenge? Border protection and national security, decommissioning and decontamination, nuclear reactor operations, health physics, safeguards, defence and military, first responders – all these activities require the ability to effectively and efficiently detect, locate and work safely with r

Radiometric Drone in Complex GPS Denied Environments Is this your challenge? Visual inspections for the nuclear sector are often conducted manually by an inspector scrutinising the entirety of an asset. Sometimes crawling robots may be used to automate the process. However, these robots are limited in their ability to access different environments (at height

Artificial intelligence for BWR/PWR fuel reload Is this your challenge? In reactor operation and design, we have seen huge improvements over the past few years with tools developed as part of Industry 4.0. Digital twins, IIOT’s and Virtual Reality are all helping towards better designs. Unfortunately, there are still some areas where old fashioned methods

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