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Is this your challenge ? © AEM-Technologies When it comes to safety in a nuclear facility, any risk needs to be accounted for, including external hazards such as floods, earthquakes, lightings, explosions, extreme temperatures, etc. Proper upfront characterisation – through historical data, sampling, etc. – allows the plant designers to carefully design

Is this your challenge ? All across the world, industries are looking for solutions to improve their employee’s well-being and reduce wok related injuries. Overexertion for instance causes about 35% of all work-related injuries, by far the largest contributor to workers compensation cost. It is true that the ill-effects of fatigue, dehydration, heat stress

Battery free, wireless internal corrosion monitoring Is this your challenge? Internal corrosion in pipework and vessels is a major problem for any asset operator. It poses a serious risk to safety and can result in serious damage as well as financial losses associated with downtime. Thickness data helps the operator to assess the condition of […]

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