March 2021

Over the last few years, anyone involved in nuclear decommissioning have witnessed the progress robotics have made in this very specific field.  It is true that the scope for automation and robotics is vast in the rapidly expanding field of nuclear decommissioning. To keep up with innovation, first in a line of upcoming online event […]

SMR’s, the latest nuclear innovation? No doubt you have heard about SMR’s – Small Modular Reactors – / AMR’s – Advanced Modular Reactors – over the past few years. These small reactors – 300 MWe per module max – have even eclipsed the Gen IV reactors. Are SMR’s the next nuclear innovation? With over

Is this your challenge ? Pressure difference is critical in the nuclear industry. Either from one cell to another to avoid spreading any airborne contamination or in gloveboxes to protect field operators. In terms of operations, a wide range of equipment also requires pressurised air or inert gas to operate. These assets tend to run […]

Is this your challenge ? Whoever has looked at finding specific solutions for challenges in the nuclear industry knows it is extremely rare to find fit-for-purpose innovation oriented start-ups or solutions, because there are so few in the nuclear world. We all know that technological innovation is now an entrepreneurial issue that has the potential [&hellip

Is this your challenge ? Paperwork is a necessary evil in the nuclear industry or in any complex sector. How much time do you spend writing risk analysis, work packages, quality plans, etc. before executing your on-site job ? How much Word and Excel documents do you have to produce even though you have a […]

Is this your challenge ? Under irradiation, the lifespan of unhardened electronics is limited to a few tens or a few hundred Gy. For this reason, when possible, electronics are moved to radiation-free area. However, for a large number of equipment electronics must be on-board. Your choice is then to re-engineer COTS and hardened all […]

Is this your challenge ? The responsible management of waste sits at the heart of the nuclear industry. Waste requiring long-term isolation from the environment is packaged and stored in a way that satisfy given requirements for quality . As such, and to provide adequate confidence, his material must be examined on a regular basis. […]

Is this your challenge ? Caracterisation is essential before any operation in a nuclear environment. Mapping activity levels are an essential input for many models: project planning, waste management, costs, dosimetry. For strategic decision but also, and most importantly, for safety reasons. Who would like to send their coworkers in a cell without knowing t

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