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Radiometric Drone in Complex GPS Denied Environments Is this your challenge? Visual inspections for the nuclear sector are often conducted manually by an inspector scrutinising the entirety of an asset. Sometimes crawling robots may be used to automate the process. However, these robots are limited in their ability to access different environments (at height

Gamma Imaging Solution with Neutron Detection Is this your challenge? Border protection and national security, decommissioning and decontamination, nuclear reactor operations, health physics, safeguards, defence and military, first responders – all these activities require the ability to effectively and efficiently detect, locate and work safely with r

Is this your challenge ? The process of Decommissioning and DIsmantling increasingly demands methods for a full traceability of waste material to improve quality management and operational safety. Managing waste requires the acquisition and the storage of a huge amount of data: list of isotopes, dose rate, shape, visual description, origin, etc. In addition,

Is this your challenge ? Storage platforms, buildings are just a few of the many areas of a nuclear facility that must be monitored for radiation. Common practice usually involves manual measurement rounds using radiometers, and a few costly beacons. Taking manual radiation measurements is tedious, time consuming, expensive and error prone. Radioprotection i

Is this your challenge ? All operations on a nuclear site are constrained by the requirement to understand the radiological conditions under which they might be performed. Whether in new or older facilities, from maintenance to decommissioning activities, countless manual surveys are completed to assess those radiological conditions. Traditionally hand sketc

Is this your challenge ? From maintenance to decommissioning activities, all operations on a nuclear site require a clear understanding of radiological environment. As a consequence of Fukushima events, gamma imagers are now commonly used for routine inspections in the nuclear industry. While requirements concerns grow regarding measurement performance and a

Is this your challenge ? Caracterisation is essential before any operation in a nuclear environment. Mapping activity levels are an essential input for many models: project planning, waste management, costs, dosimetry. For strategic decision but also, and most importantly, for safety reasons. Who would like to send their coworkers in a cell without knowing t

Is this your challenge ? Under irradiation, the lifespan of unhardened electronics is limited to a few tens or a few hundred Gy. For this reason, when possible, electronics are moved to radiation-free area. However, for a large number of equipment electronics must be on-board. Your choice is then to re-engineer COTS and hardened all […]

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