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Artificial intelligence for BWR/PWR fuel reload Is this your challenge? In reactor operation and design, we have seen huge improvements over the past few years with tools developed as part of Industry 4.0. Digital twins, IIOT’s and Virtual Reality are all helping towards better designs. Unfortunately, there are still some areas where old fashioned methods

Is this your challenge ? Any nuclear site and its associated processes are meticulously screened by their staff to ensure correct operation within the licence boundaries. From electricity-generating sites to fuel cycle plants and shutdown facilities, many reports are generated. Some of those– especially in operating plants - are Condition Reports –part o

Enhanced AI-based implicit knowledge platform Is this your challenge? Knowledge is an asset. Within a company, this might actually be the most important asset. For instance, the loss of a critical piece of knowledge can have a drastic impact on an organisation, either in terms of finance or productivity. In a less drastic situation, identifying […]

Is this your challenge ? We’ve all noticed that the development of custom AI applications to optimise the operation and maintenance in industrial facilities is booming. Yes, AI can cover a wide range of applications. It is even considered as the top technology when it comes to ground-breaking operational transformations. Indeed, with the adoption of [&hell

Is this your challenge ? Inspection and maintenance are essential for nuclear but also for any industrial sector encompassing industrial processes. Downtimes of a plant can have impact on the safety of the installation and lower production, having a financially negative impact. Through preventive maintenance, equipment can be fixed, changed and upgraded befo

Is this your challenge ? IAEA guidance, Environmental Agency laws, EU decrees, Nuclear Regulator recommended good practice, site licence requirements, Industrial Laws, etc., the many different regulatory schemes have ramifications in our industry. Legislative requirements are vital and impacting all things on a nuclear site, from comissioning to daily operat

Is this your challenge ? When it comes to gather information for decommissioning or as part of scheduled inspections monitoring as always relied heavily on human resources. Nowadays, either for safety reason (dose uptake) or for better use of resources, some of these tasks can be delegated to small robotic land-based platforms.These multi skilled tools

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