May 2023

Enhanced AI-based implicit knowledge platform Is this your challenge? Knowledge is an asset. Within a company, this might actually be the most important asset. For instance, the loss of a critical piece of knowledge can have a drastic impact on an organisation, either in terms of finance or productivity. In a less drastic situation, identifying […]

Is this your challenge ? Maintaining, cleaning, painting or decontaminating equipment or structures at height is always problematic in an industrial context. The typical solution usually involves scaffolding or maybe self-climbing platform. Whatever the case, in a nuclear environment, it also means every piece of that scaffolding jigsaw need to be set up, us

Is this your challenge ? We’ve all noticed that the development of custom AI applications to optimise the operation and maintenance in industrial facilities is booming. Yes, AI can cover a wide range of applications. It is even considered as the top technology when it comes to ground-breaking operational transformations. Indeed, with the adoption of [&hell

Is this your challenge ? Alpha environments are always particular. Anyone that worked in this type of environment will know that safety and material control are paramount here. Localising and identifying the special fissile material can be tricky, especially when in constrained nuclear environments. For instance, when tidying up a glovebox, decommissioning o

Is this your challenge ? When it comes to nuclear facilities, data collection is essential. No matter if the plant is operating or under decommissioning, knowing the state of the plant helps workers to make informed decision. In some occasions, collecting those data can be tedious or close to impossible: congested area, highly radioactive environment, [&hell

We are very proud to share with you today the last part of a set of 4 documents that present a great overview of the nuclear landscape. Epsiloon, a French magazine that reinvents the scientific press and that is independent, high-standard, committed and sincere. All traits that are also at the core of inTechBrew. In […]

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