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Is this your challenge ? We often hear about the potential augmented reality (AR) could bring to industrials, how digital workflows could empower the workers, improve safety, reduce human error… The word on the street is that AR technology could revolutionise operations, nothing less.  Truly, AR can indeed help organisations optimise their operations and

Is this your challenge ? Every company is looking for new ways to enhance its performance. Some might do it to improve processes, mitigate risk, reinforce their commitment to health and safety, increase efficiencies, fast-track the induction of new recruits, improve employee retention… and reduce cost. Nowadays, innovative solutions are emerging regularly

Is this your challenge ? The complexities of design reviews are very often misjudged in project schedules and planning. This often leads to slippage, overspend, and uncertainty between project teams, stakeholders, and clients. Today, data-driven approaches are offering access to deeper understanding of highly complex projects. For high-hazard industries, thi

Is this your challenge ? Back in the pre-COVID days, the Zoom communication platform had on average 10 million daily participants. By April 2020, the communication system now holds more than 300 million daily meeting participants. Although today, we are not fully working from home – except in some     countries –, we are still working […]

Is this your challenge ? Anyone going to work on a nuclear site or in a specific nuclear facility has to undergo a training. It can be either a brief security session to understand the rules on site and the basic security/safety considerations to method statements practice, to know the key aspects when operating a […]

Over the last few years, anyone involved in nuclear decommissioning have witnessed the progress robotics have made in this very specific field.  It is true that the scope for automation and robotics is vast in the rapidly expanding field of nuclear decommissioning. To keep up with innovation, first in a line of upcoming online event […]

Today, we look at AR and its potential in the nuclear sector. Can this promising technology improve the efficiency and the safety in the nuclear sector? The AR family? There is indeed much talk about Augmented Reality (AR) as part of an Industry 4.0 model but, to clear things up, AR is only one way […]

Today, let’s talk about quadrupedal robotics for the nuclear industry. Nowadays, quadrupedal robots are considered for an extensive area of applications in various fields like space exploration, military application, industrial use, and many more. Could there be a place for them in the nuclear industry today? Amongst all the mobile robots, quadrupedal

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