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Is this your challenge ? Alpha environments are always particular. Anyone that worked in this type of environment will know that safety and material control are paramount here. Localising and identifying the special fissile material can be tricky, especially when in constrained nuclear environments. For instance, when tidying up a glovebox, decommissioning o

Is this your challenge ? When it comes to nuclear facilities, data collection is essential. No matter if the plant is operating or under decommissioning, knowing the state of the plant helps workers to make informed decision. In some occasions, collecting those data can be tedious or close to impossible: congested area, highly radioactive environment, [&hell

Real-time, handheld 3D radiometrics Is this your challenge? From operation to decommissioning and dismantling, knowing the radiological state of a nuclear site is essential. It will drive the different activities and strategies. However, running radiological surveys is a task that requires a lot of time and labour, and can put workers at risk of exposure [&h

Slender snake-like robot for remote applications Is this your challenge? The maintenance, inspection and repair of components in a nuclear setting is often limited by constrained access and intricate geometries. Borescopes can be used in some cases and can reach several meters, but the lack of control over the tool’s shape makes the procedure slow [&hellip

Is this your challenge ? Inspection, repair, and maintenance are some of the most important services for the nuclear industry. In the field of industrial inspection, non-destructive testing of the integrity of structures or materials, without damaging them is key to help identify any potential problematics and help predict maintenance, optimise operations an

Robotic & dustless scabbling for most surfaces Is this your challenge? Nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities and waste repositories often present areas that preclude human access Decontamination is a key decommissioning activity. It is used to accomplish several goals, such as reducing the dose level impact in a facility to allow for easier acces

Is this your challenge ? Many tools for measuring radioactivity are now available on the market, particularly for detecting gamma radiations. These tools are widely implemented on nuclear decommissioning sites, reprocessing facilities or waste repositories. During nuclear decommissioning or waste management operations, there is a need for imaging the contami

Is this your challenge ? A major challenge for the global nuclear industry is to process and safely store legacy, current and future nuclear waste. That include packaged waste of different nature, some of which aligned for long-term geological disposal. One of the most complex challenges for the industry is to characterise the contents of […]

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