March 2024

‌Is this your challenge ? Identifying unusual or unexpected events, helping to avoid serious accidents and ensure the safety and reliability of operations on a nuclear site is paramount. And it’s not just about the radioactive material and its effects:  asset monitoring includes building rooftops, pipelines, plant, and industrial facilities structures t

    ‌Is this your challenge ? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could scan anything and detect everything? Especially when thinking about the nuclear sector… It’s always been a major challenge for the nuclear industry to know exactly what is waiting behind a door, inside a container or to know how structurally sound that […]

‌Is this your challenge ? Asset Management Systems emerged in the late 20th century responding to the industries and organisations’ need for managing and tracking physical assets. As a solution, various industries developed digital tools to enhance asset-related efficiencies. In warehousing and retail, systems for inventory management were introduced to

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