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As the latest kid on the block, you could wonder why we are different. I mean, you already know many other newsletters in the nuclear industry such as the World Nuclear News just to name one or if you want to follow the latest innovations in the nuclear industry, you could follow the NDA LinkedIn […]

After all the articles written by Xavier about advanced robotics, AR in the nuclear industry or the NDA RD&I report, we thought it would be interesting to show you how to brew a newsletter like inTechBrew. Behind a fancy website and an active LinkedIn page, it does take a lot of work performed by yur […]

I think it would be quite interesting to understand how we came up with this project so you can see what is behind inTechBrew. Xavier and I used to work a good few years in the United Kingdom. Xavier hold quite a few positions within Sellafield Ltd. during his career with a keen focus on […]

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