Author: Axel Canbakan

Is this your challenge ? Today, a growing army of robots is at our disposal with the pledge to help with everything we can think about. Some of these solutions can be purely for show, some can make a real difference in the way we work and keep humans out of harm’s way. They come […]

Small modular reactors (SMRs) could potentially address the slowdown in the nuclear power industry. They possess several benefits, including compact physical size, lowered capital expenses, and the capability to be placed in areas that larger nuclear plants cannot. For example, they could be placed in former coal-fired power stations. In addition to their sm

Is this your challenge ? IAEA guidance, Environmental Agency laws, EU decrees, Nuclear Regulator recommended good practice, site licence requirements, Industrial Laws, etc., the many different regulatory schemes have ramifications in our industry. Legislative requirements are vital and impacting all things on a nuclear site, from comissioning to daily operat

Is this your challenge ? © AEM-Technologies When it comes to safety in a nuclear facility, any risk needs to be accounted for, including external hazards such as floods, earthquakes, lightings, explosions, extreme temperatures, etc. Proper upfront characterisation – through historical data, sampling, etc. – allows the plant designers to carefully design

Is this your challenge ? The complexities of design reviews are very often misjudged in project schedules and planning. This often leads to slippage, overspend, and uncertainty between project teams, stakeholders, and clients. Today, data-driven approaches are offering access to deeper understanding of highly complex projects. For high-hazard industries, thi

Is this your challenge ?   If you had to describe a nuclear facility, the first thing that would come mind is constrained, space-constrained, radiologicaly-constrained, temperature-constrained, etc. In quite a few situations - if not most of the time -, space-constraints must be dealt with. Either for sampling such as retrieving a piece of equipment [&helli

Is this your challenge ?   The nuclear sector is being transformed by software, robotic systems and IoT. All around us, in business-critical applications, supply chain and logistics operations, we live in an increasingly connected and data-driven world. Organisations today are managing and authorising thousands of devices, machines, systems, and application

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