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Last time, we discussed about high level considerations to have when decommissioning of a nuclear fleet: D&D programme / strategy, radiological initial state characterisation and stakeholder involvement.  Today, let’s talk about innovation in the decommissioning space. DEM2021, the international conference on decommissioning organised by SFEN, wil

This year, DEM2021, the international decommissioning conference is going to discuss some fascinating topics on D&D. It will all take place on the 13th to 15th of September in Avignon, France. We, at inTechBrew, will be present at DEM2021. So, we decided to go through what the best bits from the upcoming DEM2021 are likely to be. […]

The World Nuclear Exhibition is the largest professional fair dedicated to the nuclear sector in the world. Happening from the 30th of November to the 2nd December, it will stage international nuclear experts sharing insights during keynotes and networking opportunities with many companies present.  What’s better than some numbers to show you that the W

Today, we are giving the opportunity to Lukas to introduce himself. He will be supporting inTechBrew’s activities this summer, as part of studies at University of Texas. Hello, I would like to introduce myself as the newest member of inTechBrew. I am Lukas Brazdeikis, and I am starting here as an intern. I come from […]

Gloveboxes pose a unique challenge for Sellafield Ltd and it’s another that the Game Changer process has been called upon in the search for solutions. As part of the decommissioning programme at the nuclear site, gloveboxes, historically used for research, development and fuel fabrication, need to be dismantled. There are around 700 gloveboxes at Sellafiel

Safe storage and monitoring techniques are critically important as Sellafield Ltd evolves into a waste management and remediation site. Two Game Changers projects designed to address these challenging aspects of waste management are proving to offer promising solutions. With thousands of packages in engineered stores, it would be impractical to remove and in

Last time, we introduce you to Game Changers and its new Innovation Forum. Today, we are focussing on their new technical challenge coming straight from Sellafield Ltd. The latest Game Changers challenges launched in the continuous quest for decommissioning solutions focus on leak prevention and minimisation and leaking crack identification and condition mon

Game Changers focus on innovation forum Game Changers is the UK’s leading nuclear innovation programme, helping identify solutions to some of the most complex challenges faced by the nuclear industry. Providing a platform that connects challenge owners and solution providers, Game Changers’ proven innovation process delivers results. Now in its fifth yea

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