Author: Axel Canbakan

Is this your challenge ? Inspection and maintenance are essential for nuclear but also for any industrial sector encompassing industrial processes. Downtimes of a plant can have impact on the safety of the installation and lower production, having a financially negative impact. Through preventive maintenance, equipment can be fixed, changed and upgraded befo

Real-time, handheld 3D radiometrics Is this your challenge? From operation to decommissioning and dismantling, knowing the radiological state of a nuclear site is essential. It will drive the different activities and strategies. However, running radiological surveys is a task that requires a lot of time and labour, and can put workers at risk of exposure [&h

Is this your challenge ? The inspection of confined spaces is a typical issue within the nuclear energy sector. This type of inspection can be dangerous for operators who carry it out and can also demand a period of downtime, therefore increasing costs. Inspections need to be safe, especially when it comes to complex structure […]

Slender snake-like robot for remote applications Is this your challenge? The maintenance, inspection and repair of components in a nuclear setting is often limited by constrained access and intricate geometries. Borescopes can be used in some cases and can reach several meters, but the lack of control over the tool’s shape makes the procedure slow [&hellip

Is this your challenge ? The more you know about something, the easier it is to make the right decision. Characterisation of concrete in nuclear plants is no different. Whether it is to inform a maintenance work, a D&D strategy or a waste route, characterisation data are central to a decision. In the case of […]

Is this your challenge ? Methods of inspection in industrial systems and industrial states have been evolving over the last few years. New capabilities such as drones have been introduced and are slowly but surely revolutionising the way we traditionally ran inspections. As decommissioning and new build activities are to accelerate, the UAV toolkit keeps [&h

Is this your challenge ? Leak, leak, leak, everybody from our industry hates that word and there is a good reason. Usually a leak is associated with loss of containment, spillage of hazardous liquid, uncontrollable airbone contamination, degraged mode of operation, etc. With a leak of fluids, you can trace back the origin, halt the […]

Is this your challenge ? When it comes to nuclear cleanup, one of the key aspects is waste disposal. Hence the importance to sort waste retrieved from decommissioning activities, for instance, is crucial. Reducing the volume of end waste is essential. The potential to recategorise waste, to improve packing fraction and so on requires an […]

Is this your challenge ? Every company is looking for new ways to enhance its performance. Some might do it to improve processes, mitigate risk, reinforce their commitment to health and safety, increase efficiencies, fast-track the induction of new recruits, improve employee retention… and reduce cost. Nowadays, innovative solutions are emerging regularly

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