Author: Axel Canbakan

Drilling in asbestos-containing materials Is this your challenge? Workplace can be contaminated by a range of contaminants. Occupational exposure to dust-emitting materials (asbestos, lead, silica, …) is not to be trifled with. Take for instance asbestos. Used from the 40s through the 1970s as highly-effective and inexpensive fire-retardant material and th

AI applied to NPP operations Is this your challenge? Any nuclear site and its associated processes are meticulously screened by their staff to ensure correct operation within the licence boundaries. From electricity-generating sites to fuel cycle plants and shutdown facilities, many reports are generated. Some of those– especially in operating plants ̵

Slender snake-like robot for remote applications Is this your challenge? The maintenance, inspection and repair of components in a nuclear setting is often limited by constrained access and intricate geometries. Borescopes can be used in some cases and can reach several meters, but the lack of control over the tool’s shape makes the procedure slow [&hellip

Small modular reactors (SMRs) could potentially address the slowdown in the nuclear power industry. They possess several benefits, including compact physical size, lowered capital expenses, and the capability to be placed in areas that larger nuclear plants cannot. For example, they could be placed in former coal-fired power stations. In addition to their sm

Gamma imaging solution with neutron detection Is this your challenge? Border protection and national security, decommissioning and decontamination, nuclear reactor operations, health physics, safeguards, defence and military, first responders… All these activities require the ability to effectively and efficiently detect, locate and work safely with radiat

Instant pipework & tank integrity repair Is this your challenge? On a nuclear site, ensuring the integrity of pipework, tanks, joints or flanges is essential. Erosion, corrosion, chemical attacks, abrasion and wear, water infiltration and weathering can all create industrial challenges on pipework, up to the point solutions are needed to restore function

Battery free, wireless internal corrosion monitoring Is this your challenge? Internal corrosion in pipework and vessels is a major problem for any asset operator. It poses a serious risk to safety and can result in serious damage as well as financial losses associated with downtime. Thickness data helps the operator to assess the condition of […]

Robotic & dustless scabbling for most surfaces Is this your challenge? Nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities and waste repositories often present areas that preclude human access Decontamination is a key decommissioning activity. It is used to accomplish several goals, such as reducing the dose level impact in a facility to allow for easier acces

Inflatable robotics for long-range inspection Is this your challenge? Nuclear power plants, reprocessing facilities and waste repositories do often present areas with limited access, complex geometry and often constraints that preclude human access.  Cells, stores, bays are but a few environments that fit this description. Areas which have been historic

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