Author: Xavier Poteau

Wide-Range, no warm up dose-rate monitoring Is this your challenge? Providing health physics and radiation protection services tools that are accurate, simple to operate and quick to setup is essential. Dose-rate monitoring is no exception. Across day-to-day operations within the nuclear industry, police, fire and first responders in hazardous materials inci

New heights for 3D reality capture Is this your challenge? How to get to new heights when it comes to gathering BIM data quickly and safely? Often, industrial sites can be complex and present intricate geometry. To get that bird’s eye view, some will do it the hard way, deploy from multiple points, run multiple […]

You all know that nuclear power is not only used to produce energy. From its discovery many applications have been developed. You surely can think about medical with radioisotopes therapy, sterilisation of medical products and supplies, or consumer products such as smoke detectors, industrial tracers… It is also used a lot for the restoration and […

Is this your challenge ? Anyone with a background in nuclear should know that maintenance or decommissioning can be very demanding. Some operations cannot yet be automatised: they can be too challenging and complex to apprehend because of the unpredictable bias they carry.Take for instance, scabbling, grinding, deburring or decontaminating. All dealing with

Is this your challenge ? We often hear about the potential augmented reality (AR) could bring to industrials, how digital workflows could empower the workers, improve safety, reduce human error… The word on the street is that AR technology could revolutionise operations, nothing less.  Truly, AR can indeed help organisations optimise their operations and

Is this your challenge ? When it comes to inspection or maintenance, complex industry such as nuclear still relies a lot on human presence. That said, in the past few years, to plan for the upcoming workforce shortage as well as offering new options to safely assess constrained environments, robotic solutions have more and more […]

Is this your challenge ? Maintaining, cleaning, painting or decontaminating equipment or structures at height is always problematic in an industrial context. The typical solution usually involves scaffolding or maybe self-climbing platform. Whatever the case, in a nuclear environment, it also means every piece of that scaffolding jigsaw need to be set up, us

Is this your challenge ? We’ve all noticed that the development of custom AI applications to optimise the operation and maintenance in industrial facilities is booming. Yes, AI can cover a wide range of applications. It is even considered as the top technology when it comes to ground-breaking operational transformations. Indeed, with the adoption of [&hell

Is this your challenge ? Alpha environments are always particular. Anyone that worked in this type of environment will know that safety and material control are paramount here. Localising and identifying the special fissile material can be tricky, especially when in constrained nuclear environments. For instance, when tidying up a glovebox, decommissioning o

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