May 2021

Safe storage and monitoring techniques are critically important as Sellafield Ltd evolves into a waste management and remediation site. Two Game Changers projects designed to address these challenging aspects of waste management are proving to offer promising solutions. With thousands of packages in engineered stores, it would be impractical to remove and in

Last time, we introduce you to Game Changers and its new Innovation Forum. Today, we are focussing on their new technical challenge coming straight from Sellafield Ltd. The latest Game Changers challenges launched in the continuous quest for decommissioning solutions focus on leak prevention and minimisation and leaking crack identification and condition mon

Is this your challenge ? In environments like those found in the nuclear industry, there are zones where common wireless communication approaches are ineffective and where solutions such as wiring are unpractical and expensive. This is sometimes even emphasised by the fact that, for the nuclear industry, the need for a reliable and secure data […]

Is this your challenge ? Either to reduce the dose level impact in a facility to allow for easier access during dismantling (radioprotection), to minimise the potential for spreading contamination during further dismantling (safety), to allow for the disposal of waste in a lower category or even to consider clearance of material (ALARP & cost savings),

Is this your challenge ? Nuclear power plants and waste repositories are hazardous environments. With radiation being the main challenge to deal with on a daily basis, surveying and assessing the status and functionality of all key equipment can be complex. Nonetheless, successfully monitor the activities within these harsh environments is vital.It is

Is this your challenge ? There are tens of thousands of waste packages stored on nuclear sites across the world. Containing various materials with various degrees of contamination and activity, spanning the last 6 decades of nuclear reprocessing or decommissioning activities, these containers can vary in size, shape as well as condition. Often, these wastes

Is this your challenge ? From maintenance to decommissioning strategy, activities on nuclear sites are regularly constrained by radiation fields, often due to complex source term conditions. Typically, radiation protection technicians are performing manual surveys of the conditions, and then producing (often hand sketch) dose & contamination survey maps.

Is this your challenge ? Either to transfer effluent, liquor, chemicals or steam to and from facilities, pipework is essential on a nuclear site. Often operated under extreme conditions during their operational life, these networks of pipes (and by extension tanks and vessels), are existing with varied diameters, lengths or changing isometries.Essential

Is this your challenge ? Nuclear Decommissioning & Dismantling projects are driving strong demand for robotic assistance. Thanks to progress in the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision, robotics are allowing tremendous progress in the field of autonomy in extreme environments such as nuclear. That said, human expertise (such as manual dex

Game Changers focus on innovation forum Game Changers is the UK’s leading nuclear innovation programme, helping identify solutions to some of the most complex challenges faced by the nuclear industry. Providing a platform that connects challenge owners and solution providers, Game Changers’ proven innovation process delivers results. Now in its fifth yea

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